Openlight Strategy provides technology strategy as a service. 

Openlight defines technology strategy as the discovery of the critical factors in the near, medium and long term future success or failure of your business and designing a way of coordinating and focussing technology to deal with those factors

We work with you to understand your needs and provide the approach that best suits those needs. Whether that is a team of strategists working on an initial discovery engagement to define a strategy, or interim senior roles that drive your company forward in the short term, we work with the best interests of your company at heart. And we don’t aim to write up some attractive slides. We aim to be there to help you succeed.
We produce strategies that are:
  • Ambitious. We believe in pushing the boundaries and aim for the most ambitious achievable strategies for you.
  • Harmonious. Our strategies take into account your architecture, code, infrastructure, team shapes, governance, ways of working, product approach and finance, ensuring all elements work in harmony.
  • Responsible. Strategies that are right for you, agnostic of technologies and free from dogma.
  • Implementable. We are practitioners and not just theorists. We ensure any recommendation we make can be executed.
If you want to learn more about how we can help your company, you can contact us on or contact one of our leadership team directly

Why us?

Openlight Strategy are recognised experts with a track record of digital strategy, architecture and delivery. Software developers at heart, we have a background of delivering high quality software, efficiently and effectively...

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